Hi, we’re Codya

Codya comprises the strength of talented 10+ professionals, fully engaged in software development. We value healthy relationships and open communication.

/ your ideas combined
with Polish creativity

A match made for software development.

Our story

We’ve grown on the work ethos that values transparency, predictability, proactiveness, and the ability to look long-term.

Carrying these values, we build Codya – a team of product design and development experts who can support you in going through all stages of application development.

From concept and design, to maintenance and scaling. We’re always there, ready to solve your business challenges in the most efficient way.

years on the market
months of average cooperation

Codya’s values

Our values guide the way we work with clients, making sure we use the best of our knowledge, and fitting technology to give them expected results.

Be credible and trustworthy

Act in a way that makes you the person others come in need.

Stay open-minded

Never settle for the mediocre, always look for the best possible solution.

Play the team game

We’re in this together, trust yourself and work for the team success.

Take ownership

Contribute to the company’s success while enjoying a sense of accountability.

Focus on the customer

Listen carefully to customers’ needs and exceed their expectations when proposing solutions.

Never stop learning

Keep a growth mindset and always seek for opportunities to learn new skills.

Meet our team

Team players at work, friends after hours. We like to spend time together.

During work hours, we collaborate seamlessly, leveraging our skills to tackle complex challenges. We foster a supportive environment, encouraging open communication and a sense of common purpose.

However, our connections often extend far beyond the confines of the workplace.


/ need a hand?

You have a challenge. We’re there to solve it.
Let’s grab a (virtual) coffee and discuss your project.